The Best Asian Hairstyles for Men 2020

Mohawk hair korean

Japan and Korea are mostly known as the best hairstylist trend center in Asia. For you who want to change your hairstyle, these Asian hairstyles men 2020 can be a good choice. Asian hairstyle mostly suits all face type, for the masculine one. You can get a fresh appearance, cool, and also neat. It also can be used for both formal and informal use. All you need just a little adjust using pomade or anything.

Mohawk hair korean
For Asian men, neat short hair still is the favorite one. The flexible usage and easy maintenance is the main reason for this hairstyles choice. As we know man, mostly does not come to the hairstyle saloon frequently. They let their hair a little bit long and less neat. A messy hair with sporty style also being most used hairstyles in Asia. Now, you can make a little innovation with your short hair created by many hairstylists to create a more modern haircut, fresh, and trendy look. Now there are many hairstyle references that you can use. This article will focus discussion on the Asian hairstyle 2020 for men.

Asian Hairstyle for Men 2020

As we explained in the beginning, here are some Asian hairstyles for men that you can follow.
1. Buzzcut
For you who like a simple but stylish, we recommend a buzz cut for this type of person. A neat short hair with longer hair at the top still is the favorite for Asian men. You can use this look for business purposes, formal, and informal ones.

2. Comb over
As its names, a comb-over hairstyle is created by combing hair back. You need to shave off your above ear hair and let it long at the top. Now, you can use a pomade to make it shiny and easy to comb. This style is perfect for metrosexual men who are very concerned about their appearance. As the trick, please use a comb tightly to create a perfect comb-over style.

3. Bowl cut
The next recommended style for you who is cheerful and dynamist is a bowl cut. As its name represents, this hairstyle gives you a head appearance by creating a “bowl” shape to your hair. This style firstly popular when former people didn’t have enough money to go to a hairstylist saloon, so the use the put over-head bowl. They cut the excess hair and get the bowl shape.

4. Ponytail
For you who have a long hair, don’t worry. You still can makeover your hair by a ponytail hairstyle. A messy long hair with a side bang in the face will give a simple, masculine and relax styles. You can also tie up the top hair to create more volume on your hair.

So that’s all the Asian hairstyle we recommend for you. Even it is mostly suited for any face shape, and you should ask your hairstylist to get the best recommendation. It also will suit your personality. Happy trying.