The Newest Type of Korean Hairstyles Male

Slicked back Korean Hairstyles

Korean Hairstyles Male Choosing a male hairstyle will make a man’s face becomes handsome. Starting from a neat hairstyle to abstract models that can support the appearance. Like the Korean hairstyle male, it is often used by all-male in Korea and internationally. These hairstyles have types such as Korean Hairstyle Short Male, Korean Hairstyle Long Male, and How to get Korean Male Hairstyle according to face shape.

Type of Korean Hairstyles Male

Here is some information about Korean Hairstyles male:

  1. Korean Hairstyle Short Male

Here are some of the latest Korean hairstyle short male:

  • Slicked back

Korean Hairstyles Male

Hairstyle combed back for business or work activities.

  • Slightly Disheveled Quiff

Slightly Disheveled Quiff Korean Hairstyles Male

Used for a sporty appearance. Made a little mess on the front bangs, and the sides are kept neat

  • Mohawk hair

Mohawk hair korean

The right and left sides of the head are cut thinly, the top or middle hair is given a gel to form stiff and stiff hair

  • Undercut

Like a Mohawk haircut, but in the middle, the hair looks thicker and rather long. Have a manly impression.

  • The curtain haircut

Middle split hairstyle that is used by Korean artists to make it look simple and charming.

  • Side bangs

This one hairstyle is suitable for application to all face shapes and Having the impression of youth

2. Korean Hairstyle Long Male

Here are some male long Korean hairstyles that you need to know:

  • Ponytail

Her ponytail hairdo. provide additional side bangs on the front

  • Natural length : Long hairstyles that unravel naturally will keep your appearance simple but stunning.
  • Long hair with highlights : Long hair with a mixture of colors, making it look more attractive
  • Long curls

Suitable for those who have thin hair to make hair more volume and dazzling

  • Middle split length model

Your hairstyle will be more fashionable and be confident

  • Long model with side bangs

The application of side bangs makes the appearance more enchanting.

How to Get Korean Hairstyles Male

3. How to get Korean Hairstyle according to the shape of the face

Here how to get Korean hairstyles male that match the shape of the face, namely:

  • Korean hairstyles for oval faces

Oval face matches all hairstyles such as the Bangs style or layered bangs

  • Korean hairstyles for box faces

Undercut and side-swept models are the right models for square-faced men.

  • Korean hairstyles for round faces

Side edge hairstyle is suitable for round face types so that the face looks longer

  • Korean hairstyles for heart faces

Use the Slicked back cut model to add a masculine impression,

  • Korean hairstyles for a wide face and forehead

Use flat bangs to cover a wide forehead, and making your face ideal

The use of Korean hairstyles by adjusting the hairstyle according to the shape of the face will give the right impression on appearance, which can use for work activities or daily routines.