Kpop Idol Hairstyles for Women Who Are Trending

South Korea’s entertainment world indeed gives a big influence on the world of fashion. Almost everything that is attached to the famous Korean Idol’s body has always become a trend among Kpopers. No wonder, the article of Korean Idols always gives a new look that is different and always looks fresh wherever they are. From how to dress, make up to even hairstyles always look chic and can provide inspiration for those who love Korean fashion. Now talk about hairstyles, the following are Kpop Idol Hairstyles that are trendy and can be your inspiration.

Kpop Idol Hairstyles for Women

1. Hair tinsel (shimmer extensions, hair bling)

Bling-bling hair has become a popular trend for curls in recent times in Korea. Hair tinsel or shimmer extensions or can also be called a lot of hair bling made popular by the female Kpop Idol. Bling-bling hair tucked in parts of this hair can indeed give the impression of magical fantasy. So it’s no wonder that Kpop Idol has again popularized Hair Tinsel as their gig hairstyle. Recently some Kpop Idol Wanita performed on stage with bling-bling hairstyles such as Sunmi, SinB Gfriend, Heize, Eunbi IZ * ONE, SNSD’s Taeyeon to JinSoul Loona.

2. Pucca Buns Hairstyle

One popular cartoon character in South Korea is Pucca. Because of his popularity, Pucca’s hair style also inspired many people including female idols. Almost every female Idol ever uses this two break off hairstyle. This hairstyle is able to give users the impression of being sweet, cheerful and also funny. And that’s the purpose of these K-pop idols using Pucca’s Hairstyle hairstyles in every appearance.

3. Short Hair with C-Curl

Kpop female idols are indeed identical with wavy hair that looks elegant and feminine which is commonly called the Korean C-Curl. C-Curl itself is a hair with a slightly curly underneath forming the letter C. Short hair that is arranged C-Curl is very happening among Korean Idols. Some of the idols who have used this hairstyle are Eunha GFriend, Jungyeon Twice, Iu and many more.

4. The Comma Bangs

If Superman’s bangs are S, then it’s different with this Kpop Idol woman. A series of female K-pop idols popularized the punctuation-shaped “Coma” style that made their appearance look vintage yet chic. If on their faces this unique bangs look stunning and funny, about our faces-are we suitable or not? There’s no harm in trying!

5. High Ponytail

the pigtailed horse style, aka ponytail, is rife again in coloring the hair style world of Korean celebrities. High Ponytail artu ponytail tied rather high is indeed not booming in Korea alone but is becoming a trend in America as well. But the version promoted by Kpop Idol is simpler but looks cute. If the western version of them increases the volume of hair by using hair extensions that make the head feel heavy, then the Korean Idol will only pigtail her hair up high and give the impression of messy hair. And if needed they will add hair accessories that can give the illusion of thicker hair.

Photo Kpop Idol Hairstyles for Women

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