How To Nail Your Idol K-POP Hairstyles Look

Thinking of changing up your hairstyle but not sure what look to go for? Why not take  inspiration from your favourite K-pop idol’s hairstyle? From adventurous haircuts to incorporating interesting hair accessories, we’ve compiled a few of the hottest K-pop hairstyle trends for your big transformation!

1. Hyuna’s dainty floral K-pop hairstyle

K-POP Hairstyles

If chopping off your locks is just too intimidating, rock the latest K-pop hairstyle with some eye-catching accessories! Hyuna has always been a trendsetter, which is why it came as no surprise when her dainty floral hairstyle became the biggest hair trend worldwide. The best thing about this hair look is that it’s unbelievably simple and easy to achieve!

How to:

Step 1 – To begin, part your hair in the middle and create two tiny braids on each side of your parting. Use colourful pastel elastic hair bands to secure your braids and add a pop of colour!

Step 2 – Now comes the fun part! Secure some colourful floral clips (available on Xijing-for your life) in your hair, focusing more on the upper portion. You can even use other interesting hair accessories such as these scissors hair clips  to spice up this hair look!

Step 3 – For extra details, style your baby hair with a mini hair curler (available on day6) for a more whimsical look!

2. Twice Momo hime K-pop hairstyle 

K-POP Hairstyles

Let’s be honest, this haircut is not for the faint-hearted. Inspired by the hair trend during the Japanese Heian Period, the Hime hairstyle’s iconic cheek-length sidelocks can be spotted from miles away. K-pop idols such as Twice’s Momo have injected some Korean influence into this hairstyle with air bangs and soft waves. If you’re up to make a bold statement, why not try this K-pop hairstyle yourself!

How to:

Step 1 – Firstly, part your hair in the middle and section the strands that fall between the end of your brows and ears. You should have a thick section of hair on each side of your face.

Step 2 – Using hair scissors , create a uniform straight cut across each section, ensuring that the hair is long enough to reach the corners of your mouth. If you want something more dramatic, you can cut your hair till your cheeks.

Step 3 – Follow this guide to create stylish air bangs.

Step 4 – Lastly, use the Pritech Automatic Hair Drying Curler  to create soft natural waves in your hair. Check out our list of the best hair curlers in Singapore if you prefer non-heat hair curlers!

3. BlackPink Jennie’s bobby pin K-pop hairstyle

kpop hairstyle blackpink jennie bobby pin inkigayo

When Jennie says bobby pins are the next biggest K-pop hairstyle trend, we dare not object. Bobby pins made a comeback after Jennie’s performance at Inkigayo — we are not talking about just one or two bobby pins but a whole stack of them! Read on to find out how you can incorporate these ordinary hair accessories into a K-pop worthy hairstyle!

How To:

Step 1 – Begin by parting your hair in the middle. Follow up with a hairdryer to keep the parting in place.

Step 2 – Then, section your hair into two layers and pin the top layer up.

Step 3 – Use a big barrel hair curler such as the Philips StyleCare Sublime Ends 28mm Curler to curl the bottom layer. Starting from the roots, curl your hair inwards before sliding the curler down to curl outwards. Alternate this technique throughout the length of your hair to create soft and loose waves. Repeat this on the top layer.

Step 4 – Holding a round ceramic brush, tease your hair from the roots and focus your blow dry there to create more volume.

Step 5 – Onto the fun part, grab a bunch of Strip Rhinestone Bobby Pins  and pin them on your hair. You should have four bobby pins on each side. Make sure they’re evenly spaced out and should not extend beyond your temples.

Step 6 – As a finishing touch, use a regular bobby pin that matches your hair colour to secure your hair behind your ears on each side.

4. BTS V’s comma K-pop hairstyle

kpop hairstyle V kim taehyung bts idol electric blue comma hair

Even guys follow K-pop hair trends too! One of the K-pop idols who has inspired many fashionistas is BTS’s Kim Taehyung, also known as V. V is adventurous when it comes to experimenting with different fashion styles and looks. In particular, his electric blue comma hairstyle during the Map Of The Soul: Persona album  promotional period has stolen many girls’ hearts.

How to:

Step 1 –  Start by bleaching your hair with APRILSKIN Turn Up Bleach (.

Step 2 – To achieve V’s vibrant blue dye your hair with La Riche Directions Atlantic Blue Hair Dye .

Step 3 – Divide your fringe into a 6:4 ratio and lightly blow your hair with a hair dryer to create a sweeping side fringe. With a mini hair curler, curl your side bangs towards your ears.

Step 4 – Don’t forget to add some volume to your hair by scrunching them at the roots while blasting hot air from your airdryer. For a better effect, curl the roots of your hair with the mini hair curler.

Step 5 – To create the comma hairstyle, grab a small bunch of fringe on the right side of your parting and curl it towards the left.

Step 6 – Apply some Hype Homme Supreme Clay to maintain your K-pop hairstyle throughout the day.