Asian Hairstyle for Long Hair Men

Mullet hairstyles like singer Baekhyun

Long hair is identical to women’s hairstyles. Long straight style, or slightly curly, mostly used haircuts. However, men can use this style as well as the Asian hairstyle. Even mostly, men with long hairstyles identified as creative people, free and artistic. A person with this kind of hairstyle is also usually friendly, warm, and gentle. The critical point of long hair for both men and women is consistency. Many people like to let hair longer, but they cannot maintain their style. Especially for men who produce more oil than women, they should clean it up periodically to keep it healthy. Moreover, men are usually relatively more lazy to do hair maintenance.

Mullet hairstyles like singer Baekhyun
Mullet hairstyles like singer Baekhyun

Asian hairstyle is a simple haircut and can be used for any occasion. You can go to the formal meeting or go party with your stylish men Asian hairstyle for long hair. Many actors use some long hair such as Chris Hemsworth, Jared Leto, Russel brand, and so on. They still look mainly at their long hairstyles. Even it is an Asian hairstyle, and this model can be applied for every man around the world. The key point is, you have to maintain to keep it healthy and easy to manage regularly.

Asian Long Hairstyle for Men

So, here is some men’s Asian hairstyle for long hair you can try at home.

  1. Dreadlocks

For you who are anti-mainstream and freedom lovers, a dreadlock hairstyle can be the best choice. As its names represent, the Jamaicans identic look allow you to have long hair and dreadlocks. You can let it loose or tied up with hair braid and a little bit of improvement in the ear area. The actors with this look are Bob Marley, Zac Efron, and many more.

  1. Man bun

If you still simple hairstyle lovers with long hair, a man bun can be a good option. An ordinary straight hair with a little whorl in the top will make you looked fresh, warm, and energetic person. You can combine with a tuxedo to get the semi-formal look. An Indonesia actor who consistently uses this hairstyle can be Omar Danial, Marcello Tahoe, Dylan Carr, and Aryo Wahab.

  1. Long Shoulder-length hair

You can let your long shoulder length hair to get mainly look. It is a little bit messy but keeps the comfort for any activities. Moreover, you don’t need to do many treatments to maintain this haircut. For a fair-skinned person, it will be more trendy with blonde style.

  1. Shaggy style

The haircut may be the most used for long hair. A simple style with a modern hairdo can be the perfect choice for Asian men who mostly have oval face shape. You can make it a little bit volume if you are a curly one.

So, that’s all the information about the men’s Asian hairstyle for long hair. Celebrating a new year with a new haircut will refresh yourself and recharge your spirit. So, don’t hesitate to try and have a nice look.