11 Best Korean Men Hairstyle Ideas

Slightly Disheveled Quiff korean hairstyle

Over the past few years, the advent of K-Pop has brought forward a very interesting and intriguing look in the world of styling and fashion. We’re talking about Korean men styles, of course!

Slowly but surely, they have made a name for themselves and become the Backstreet Boys and One Direction of the East in terms of trendsetting! Curious to know more? Scroll down to see the full list and hit play at the bottom for a quick recap !

Korean Men Hairstyle Ideas
Korean Men Hairstyle Ideas

1. The Classic Korean Men Haircut

This is a hairstyle you might have seen around Western college campuses a lot and which young Korean men have adopted as well – whether they are students or not. Complete this Ivy League look with a sweater and glasses.

2. The Simple Korean Men Haircut

Let’s start off with a very simple yet modern haircut that Korean men have been adopting. It’s a comb over with a side part that has a very slick finish to it, almost with no layers at all. The hair glossing agent is optional.

3. The Epochal Korean Men Haircut

This season, Korean men have been going crazy for epochal haircuts. What does this mean? Every hairstyle you can think of that comes from another age, be it pompadours or bowl haircuts or anything in between that fits the description.

4. The Disconnected Korean Men Haircut

Any disconnected haircut is one in which the lower portion (meaning the hair on your sides and back) is significantly shorter than the hair on top of the head. There must be no fade, otherwise, it’s not a disconnect anymore.

5. The 90s Heartthrob Haircut

Continuing on the above, there is no way Korean men – being as stylish and outgoing as they are – could have missed out on the chance to wear one of the greatest hairstyles of all time, the famous heartthrob haircut of the 90s.

6. Blonde Korean Men Hairstyle

Since blonde, especially extreme shades of blonde shades, has been the color of 2019, you cannot possibly miss out on the chance to try it out for yourself. If you don’t like it, you can always cover it up easily enough.

7. Dark Gray Korean Men Hairstyle

It’s a known fact that Korean men like to experiment with their looks probably more than both European and American guys combined. The hair color is just one way of doing that. Take this dark gray shade as an example of how you can complement the eyes.

8. Burnt Orange Korean Hairstyle

Another hair color you can try is this burnt orange shade. We recommend leaving it in the hands of a stylist though, as it is quite difficult to obtain at home – depending on the base color, it might also require bleaching.

9. Pink Korean Hairstyle

Nothing says fun and creativity quite like pink hair, even among guys and especially among Asian men. This is the classic 90s Hugh Grant haircut but in orchid pink and coupled with a Tinkerbell sweater!

10. The Layered Korean Men Haircut

Nonetheless, if you prefer something a bit more demure, try this layered and boyish haircut that helps add volume and texture even to fine hair. The feathery bangs and long sides also give it a teenage kick that’s hard to beat.

11. The Frizzy Korean Men Haircut

If you weren’t already convinced that we’re going through a full 90s revival, maybe this will set matters straight. It’s a bottle blonde, medium, blowout haircut that has been deliberately frizzed out and curled a little and which comes straight out of the last decade of the second millenium.